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Weight Loss Kit

There is a reason Richard Walters' new book, 16 Minute BodySculpting Kit, has the word "kit" in the title. Used correctly and consistently, it should provide the busy man or woman hoping to drop some weight all the guidance needed. The central ideas of Walters' book may be new to readers who have tried casual dieting and exercise to lose weight and obtain a better-looking body. What these people—and I was one of them for a long time—usually do is to eat less and work out more. We match cutting down on snacks and reducing our portion sizes at dinner with running an extra mile or spending fifteen more minutes on the elliptical machine. When the results are minimal, or wiped out entirely after the holidays, it’s inevitable that we get discouraged. The book's main message is simple, expressed in a proportion: 60-30-10. Your diet is the most important, accounting for sixty percent of your weight-loss results. Next is weight training, at thirty percent. Cardiovascular ex…