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Richard A. Walters,Masters in EducationSpecializing in Mental Health,Bachelor of ArtsSpecializing in Psychology,ACE Certified Personal Trainer,Since 1998,ACE Certified Orthopedic ExerciseSpecialist,ACE Certified Fitness NutritionSpecialist,Owner of Training Services for Men,Since 1998,Author of Stroke Survivor Success Story, 16 Minute Body Sculpting Kit,The NinJew, authored and illustrated 5 Children's Books,Completed nine half marathons and the14 Miles Polars Dash, Competed in two Senior Olympics Bike Races,Currently Training for Guinness Record for Trap Bar Deadlift.
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Richard Walters: ACE CECs

sPost-Orthopedic Rehabilitation for Personal Trainers
FrameWork for the Shoulder: A 6-Step Plan for Preventing Injury and Ending Pain
Framework for the Lower Back: 6 Step Plan for a Healthy Lower Back 2nd Edition
FrameWork for the Knee: A 6-Step Plan for Preventing Injury and Ending Pain
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Chase's Quote Resonates With Me!

It's a metaphor for Life! " You have two options when it comes to losing weight...Make PROGRESS or Make EXCUSES! There is no in between! I can tell you from experience that the easiest way to fail at anything is make excuses for yourself as to why you can’t make it happen.When I was overweight, I came up with every reason in the book as to why I couldn’t get in shape...I was depressed, I didn’t think anything would help & I had already failed so many times before. I was hopeless.But over time I realized that it would be all downhill from there unless I made a change.I overcame that fear of failure, I took it one step at a time & I never looked back...So as much as I hate to say it, if you aren’t putting in the work to get in better shape, you’re only letting yourself get worse! Let’s be real, you can’t keep doing the same thing you’ve always done & expect to get different results. Which means you are going to HAVE to make some changes in your life that may or may …

Motivation to Exercise: Survey

I asked people over 40, What is your intrinsic motivation to workout?
Here are some of their responses:


To be a better me! To be able to enjoy life to the fullest for as long as I am able. To be an example to my son and grandbabies! I want to be able to enjoy my retirement when it happens not be laid up not being able to even move at all! I tell my baby all the time its not motivation anymore...its my way of life! I have to need to must work out and remain healthy!
I'm 43, had a heart attack at 39, and have been diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease in which they are functioning just under 30percent. I work out every other day.I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life and only getting better!.
You asked.  I've had a brain tumor which I survived and have been living with HIV for 18 years now (very well controlled).  Mostly, I have an 82 year old mother that because of her being lazy has mobility issues, struggles to …

Live on Amazon! Stroke Survivor Success Story

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Yummy! Meal Replacement Bar.


What we eat is most important.
No matter how well we train, and
workout, we will still look sloppy if
 we don’t eat right. Face it, if we go
overboard with our eating, it will impact
our health, and ability to train. I know
for myself, if I’m even a few pounds
overweight I can’t run as well, or do as
many pull-ups, for example.

 Here is a Tip: Eat only to fuel
 your body. ..consider
that constant pleasure is not
pleasure…A certain measure of restraint will
enhance your enjoyment of the food you do eat.

Too busy to eat right? Try my helpful recipe:

High Protein Meal Replacement bar

High Energy/Protein
Meal Replacement bar Recipe
4c oats
4c whole wheat flour
2c finely ground nuts and seeds
2.c honey
2 whole eggs
16 egg whites
1 cup Whey Protein Powder
2c wheat germ
1/4 teaspoon salt
1t vanilla
1/4c olive oil

Mix ingredients then pour into 2 inch
Baking pan. Bake for 20 minutes.

Cut into bars. Store in freezer.

Trap Bar Deadlift : Dov Marcus Interview

Dov Marcus Cares about Patients!

Brought to you by:
SUCCESS Story of Hope
Inspiration and Courage!

lat Pull Down Demo : interview with Dov Marcus

Dov Marcus Cares about Patients!