Yummy! Meal Replacement Bar.


What we eat is most important.
No matter how well we train, and
workout, we will still look sloppy if
 we don’t eat right. Face it, if we go
overboard with our eating, it will impact
our health, and ability to train. I know
for myself, if I’m even a few pounds
overweight I can’t run as well, or do as
many pull-ups, for example.

 Here is a Tip: Eat only to fuel
 your body. ..consider
that constant pleasure is not
pleasure…A certain measure of restraint will
enhance your enjoyment of the food you do eat.

Too busy to eat right? Try my helpful recipe:

High Protein Meal Replacement bar

High Energy/Protein
Meal Replacement bar Recipe
4c oats
4c whole wheat flour
2c finely ground nuts and seeds
2.c honey
2 whole eggs
16 egg whites
1 cup Whey Protein Powder
2c wheat germ
1/4 teaspoon salt
1t vanilla
1/4c olive oil

Mix ingredients then pour into 2 inch
Baking pan. Bake for 20 minutes.

Cut into bars. Store in freezer.

Trap Bar Deadlift : Dov Marcus Interview

Dov Marcus Cares about Patients!

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lat Pull Down Demo : interview with Dov Marcus

Dov Marcus Cares about Patients!



Stretch Daily In Hot Shower.

Stretching need only be performed once a day in the hot shower.
The heat of the water warms the muscles, so they have greater elasticity.
Static stretching can also be performed immediately after vigorous cardiovascular exercise
as part of the cool down.
Usually, the second time your range of motion is better.
Should you stretch first, and then warm up? The old theory was to stretch first, and then warm up. WRONG! Always stretch a warm muscle. That is why I always stretch in the hot shower. I let the hot water warm the muscle group before I stretch it. If you don’t have immediate access to a hot shower, or bath, then take at least five minutes to gradually warm up first. This will slowly elevate your core body temperature, and help prevent injuries. Should you keep stretching through the pain? No, when you stretch a muscle, go to a point where you feel mild tension, and not pain. When you feel pain, your body is giving you a signal that you went too far (or over stretched.) Be carefu…

Strength Training For Beginners

Strength training is Very Important if you want a sculpted body-
Imagine if you will, some of the famous statues . Let’s take Atlas, or David for
example. How would it be if there bodies were represented as a slab of flab?
Would they look sculpted. Of course not, and yet many endurance athletes
insist that “ All I have to do is run.” Like the story of the Emperor With No
Clothes, they can’t see that their upper body looks like a set of
toothpicks. This is aside from the fact that it is functional, and healthy to be
The medical term for muscle atrophy is sarcopenia. As we age our muscles
gradually atrophy, resulting in frailty. Strength training staves off sarcopenia,
and extends the curve.

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