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About Rich

Richard A. Walters,Masters in EducationSpecializing in Mental Health,Bachelor of ArtsSpecializing in Psychology,ACE Certified Personal Trainer,Since 1998,ACE Certified Orthopedic ExerciseSpecialist,ACE Certified Fitness NutritionSpecialist,Owner of Training Services for Men,Since 1998,Author of Stroke Survivor Success Story, 16 Minute Body Sculpting Kit,The NinJew, authored and illustrated 5 Children's Books,Completed nine half marathons and the14 Miles Polars Dash, Competed in two Senior Olympics Bike Races,Currently Training for Guinness Record for Trap Bar Deadlift.
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Richard Walters: ACE CECs

sPost-Orthopedic Rehabilitation for Personal Trainers
FrameWork for the Shoulder: A 6-Step Plan for Preventing Injury and Ending Pain
Framework for the Lower Back: 6 Step Plan for a Healthy Lower Back 2nd Edition
FrameWork for the Knee: A 6-Step Plan for Preventing Injury and Ending Pain
Your Clients FrameWork - 7 Steps…